Is India Witnessing the Second Wave of Coronavirus?

Is India Witnessing the Second Wave of Coronavirus?

Ajay Padnekar

( 18.09.2020) There is no official confirmation from the government on the second wave also claims that there is no sign that shows that we are at a peak.

The number of new coronavirus cases is rising exponentially across the country. The average daily cases have reached nearly one lakh. Since March 2020, India has recorded over 5 million cases.

The worst affected states, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Andhrapradesh, Kerala, etc.. are facing a massive rise in the number of new cases reported daily. This makes everyone including some experts to doubt whether India witnessing the Second wave.

What is Epidemic Wave?

A wave by definition is, "A constant rise in the number of new cases of infected people to a peak and then to decline."

The above data shows that the first wave has not subsided by the number of new cases. This graph also doesn't show the new cases are declining. It clearly says the number of cases is still rising rampantly.

What Medical Experts Say?

There are disagreements among medical experts on confirming the second wave in India. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Member of Indian National Task for Covid 19 and the Director of AIMS, Delhi, agrees that some parts of the country are witnessing a second wave of infection. Though the second wave is not confirmed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), community transmission of coronavirus in many states cannot be ruled out.

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