New Government's swearing-in ceremony to observe green protocol – First time in its history!

New Government's swearing-in ceremony to observe green protocol – First time in its history!

Corporation and Suchitwa Mission teams up yet again to implement green protocol

Thiruvananthapuram:( Suchitwa Mission join hands with Corporation to implement green protocol in the swearing-in ceremony of new government in Kerala. The green protocol team will mark history by creating a zero-waste event , as this will be the first time ever a government swearing-in ceremony will be priortizing on minimizing the waste and there by the carbon foot print by observing green protocol. The new government will take office after the swearing-in ceremony at the Central Stadium, which can accommodate about 30,000 people. Team has been deployed to ensure green protocol during the event, Corporation will provide 5000 steel glasses which was collected during the Attukal Pongala steel ware collection drive. Suchitwa Mission will arrange for 100 green volunteers who will be responsible for maintaining a disposable free 'green event', which will be its mission.

Kerala Zero Waste projectMayor V K Prashanth said the green protocol will mark a history in Kerala's Government, this will be the beginning of a new era and gives hope to citizens that the new government has a certain agenda in terms of waste management. I wish all the best to all the ministers who will be sworn tomorrow. Ours is a humble attempt to reduce and manage waste in a systematic manner, Corporation is very particular about observing green protocol in all its events and will stick to it in future also. There will be water kiosks at 40 different locations spread at the venue, green volunteers will be more than happy to serve people with drinking water”. He further added

Suchitwa Mission's Executive Director Dr. K. Vasuki IAS said “ It is first time in the history that a State government swearing-in ceremony will be observing green protocol. We would request all the people who will be attending the swearing-in ceremony to avoid the usage of disposables and make the event a successful one. The motive behind such an activity is not only to reduce the waste during the event but to convince the people that the public also have a crucial role in managing waste and the first step towards this is waste reduction. Also people should realize the adverse health impacts of having food and water in disposables. Lets kick start this government on a green note. Our humble effort is to convey a strong message that the current trend of indiscriminate use of one time use and throw items can never sustain us on this planet. This is an effort to showcase that it is each and every ones responsibiity and prevention /minimisation of waste is the only evironment friendly solution. People should understand that a little incoviniences can present larger disasters. She further said

It is not just the responsibility of the green volunteers to keep the green momentum but also of each and every one involved in this event. Water kiosks will have bubble top dispensers, adequate water will be stocked, volunteers will ensure almost hygiene by cleaning used steel glasses in Potassium dissolved water. The team will also stock sacks, cleaning accessories to make sure the venue is waste free post the event.

About Suchitwa Mission
Suchitwa Mission is the state nodal agency for sanitation. It is constituted under local self government with the VISION of creating - A waste free Kerala with unpolluted environment public hygiene and cleanliness. It is expected to be reflected in better quality of life due to improved health and general well being, economic gains, better aesthetic surroundings and overall environmental up-gradation. Suchitwa mission is entrusted to provide technical and financial support to local self governments in the state for establishing facilities for waste management and sanitation. It is also the responsibility of Suchitwa mission to formulate and identify appropriate new and indigenous technologies for managing different types of waste, implementing sanitation and waste management schemes of state and central government through local self governments, ensuring financial support, executing information-education & communication activities, enhancing the capacities and technical knowledge of officials, elected representatives, conducting training's on waste management and sanitation to all relevant people and organizations etc. Based on analysis and verification Suchitwa mission will provide technical and financial sanction to the projects submitting by local bodies and also disburse financial assistance in installments to the local bodies.