Expedition for the Sake of Peace and Prosperity

Expedition for the Sake of Peace and Prosperity

While Gyanendra Singh, hailing
from Utharakhand during arrived Kasargod.
Gyanendra Singh, a social worker from Uttarakhand on an expedition to cover 6,000 km across 12 states with the message ‘Crime control and peace’, reached Kasargod on Friday evening. He is leaving for Mangalore from here on Saturday after having a meet with district collector P S Muhamed Sageer.

From 2002, Gyanendra Singh has been consecutively undertaking cycle expeditions covering 14,775 km to disseminate world peace. This is the fifth of its kind, which started from Rameswaram in Tamilnadu on May 29.According to him the first cycle expedition,‘Sadbhavana Yathra’ was initiated following the Gujarat riots in 2002.

After covering Tamil Nadu and Kerala, his expedition will more cover different states including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar and finally Utharakhand. He expects that he can reach his home on September after a long journey of four months.

“My plan is to cover 150 km a day, accepting food and money offered by the people in different parts,” he said riding on a new cycle, which was gifted him by famous cycle company, Hercules.

He is an ardent fan of cricket and his second expedition was meant for the victory of Team India in 2011 World Cup and for the protection of Indian culture from denigration.

The third expedition, which covered four states and Nepal, along with his fourth expedition, has been dedicated for the further promotion of world peace and prosperity.