Why does censor board love Karan Johar?By Subhash K. Jha

Why does censor board love Karan Johar?By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Jan 28 (IANS) The censor board loves Karan Johar. The filmmaker not only happily toned down the violent content of his latest production "Agneepath" as per the censor requirements, but also offered to explain the meaning of a 'parental guidance' certification on every poster.

The censor board members are now apparently hoping that other producers would also take a cue from Johar and flaunt the censor certificate more prominently on their movie posters.

A source close to the censor board said: "We can only go as far as to give a certificate. How far it is implemented is not in our hands. In this context, Karan Johar's explanation of a 'PG' certification on his posters is pathbreaking, or 'Agneepath'-breaking, if you will."

The censor board is now considering ways in which the certification would be given more prominence in marketing a film.

Pankaja Thakur, CEO, Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC), said: "Karan Johar volunteered to add the part about parental guidance to all the posters of 'Agneepath'. For the first time, a film poster explains the meaning of a UA certificate. It reads: 'This film is certified UA. We advise parental guidance due to violence in the film'.

"CBFC appreciates the proactive approach of the producer in advising audiences. UA certificate means parental guidance required for kids below 12 years of age and we would like parents and guardians to keep that in mind. They should decide for themselves if their children can watch blood on screen without getting disturbed."

Thakur admits the gore quotient in action film "Agneepath" had to be toned down.

"We decided to give a UA certificate to the film but not before the director Karan Malhotra agreed to tone down the violent scenes. The film initially had more bloodshed. 'Agneepath' as we saw it is the story of a pre-teen who fights the big bad world and emerges victorious.

"It has a lot of bloodshed but none of us felt disturbed by it. The violence is not the type that can psychologically damage a child and the softer scenes of the film managed to offset the darker part of it," she added.

However, Thakur admits Johar's initiative on the matter of explaining and elaborating the 'UA' certificate on the poster has prompted a new line of thought.

"Displaying the rating given to a film on all the posters and publicity material is a statutory requirement. However, explaining the meaning of the ratings is the CBFC's job. Partnering with us on this job would be appreciated," she said.