Monday, January 18, 2016


Mrs. Jolly Johns, Irinjalakuda

An old, well known and efficient carpenter, who decided to resign from his job, presented his wish to his boss, He wants to spent rest of his life with family members. The boss who loved him requested to be together for the last work of constructing a house, as the carpenter was sincere, efficient and honest too. !!1

As the request was made by the boss, the carpenter decided to be together. But was not able to concentrate in his work as though he decided to resign. He was not at all bothered about the quality of materials and even the perfection also. Somehow, he finished the construction and handed over the key. But the boss surprised him by returning the keys and asked him to receive this as a small gift for his sincerity !!!....

The carpenter was shocked and thought "if I were aware of it, I could have concentrated much more. " This is how we people do our duties. We are also building our lives....planning our future....but, without giving the best, what we could do!!! We are spending days without any preparations... We may recognize it, only when the countdown begins....So we all should be much bothered about our days, future and step forward with great plans and decisions which helps us to build a bright future....!!!

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