Tuesday, July 1, 2014

HLL to tap global oral contraceptive market

Thiruvananthapuram, July 1: HLL Lifecare limited, a central mini-ratna company, is forming a task force to take its nonsteriodal oral contraceptive, Ormeloxifene, to the global market to ensure access to quality and affordable birth control methods for women across the world.

A decision regarding this was taken at a national seminar on ‘Two Decades of Ormeloxifene as a Contraceptive and Beyond’ held at the HLL Corporate R&D Centre (CRDC) here on Monday.
HLL Lifecare limited, a central mini-ratna company, is forming a task force to take its nonsteriodal oral contraceptive, Ormeloxifene
The seminar was organized to define the company’s days ahead rather than patting its own back and saying that the past 20 years have been glorious.

Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) former Director Padmashree Dr Nitya Anand, who was the keynote speaker at the seminar, addressed the gathering through a teleconference. “The main aim behind the development of the contraceptive was to boost the national family planning programme,” he said.

Over a hundred experts in this field participated in the seminar and shared their views and experience on the use of Ormeloxifene. The oral contraceptive was also analyzed from various perspectives including development, production, clinical and marketing.

“HLL places more emphasis on women’s health. Our commitment is to ensure easy access ofquality and affordable healthcare products to women,” HLL CMD Dr M Ayyappan said after inaugurating the seminar. “Initial indications are that this molecule is a ‘wonder drug’ and is excellent for women with high risk of breast cancer”, he added.

Talks on session titled ‘Making of an Indian Molecule-Ormeloxifene’ were given by experts including Dr M D Nair, Consultant to Pharmaceutical Industry, Chief Scientist and former Head CDRI Dr A K Dwivedi and Dr Ashok Dang, senior director Marketing and Technical Services USP.

A panel discussion with medical experts on clinical experiences with Ormeloxifene was also held. Former HOD Allahabad University Dr Manju Verma, President of Jaipur Obstetric and Gynaec Society Dr Lilla Vyas, Ex Vice President of Bengal Obstetric and Gyneac Society Dr V K Poddar, Consultant Gynaecologist of Ernakulam Medical Centre Dr Sheela Sadasivan, AIIMS Delhi Additional Professor Dr Anita Dhar, Dr Rajesekharan Pillai, Consultant SUT and SAT Head Dr C Nirmala were present.

Vice President (R&D) HLL  N Padmanabhan, Vice President (Marketing) HLL  T Rajasekar and SVP (Marketing) HLL Dr Babu Thomas also spoke on the occasion.

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