Saturday, August 4, 2012

Two killed, 15 injured in Pakistan building blast

Islamabad, Aug 4 (IANS) At least two people were killed and 15 injured when three buildings collapsed following an explosion in a fireworks workshop in Pakistan's Multan city Saturday, media reports said.

The incident happened around 9.40 a.m. when fire engulfed a fireworks workshop causing a huge blast, reported Xinhua citing a TV channel.

"I was going to the market to fuel my car when I heard a huge blast...and in a blink, the building and two surrounding houses (were) razed to ground," Basharat Ali, an eye witness, said.

The injured have been rushed to hospital, where at least six of them are reported in a critical condition.

Several nearby shops caught fire following the blast.

Amir Zulfiqar, a police officer, said that six to eight people are under the debris, and rescuers were trying to pull them out.

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