Tuesday, March 8, 2016

If I were a mobile / TV……. ….!!!

Mrs. Jolly Johns, Irinjalakuda

Do you think that I am kidding……? No...I will define .Then you could understand why and how this title apt for this message.
A teacher, who was too attached to her students, thought of a plan to understand their ambitions.”All of you take a piece of paper and write down your ambition and name overleaf” said the teacher .As she collected one by one .She could see doctors, engineers, teacher as many professions noted down by her students. She too was curious to collect and have a look. By seeing these, she laughed, advised and commended in a manner, which couldn’t hurt the pupil.

Finally, she came to the last one, collected from him and noticed “TV/Mobile”!! She called the student and asked him, “Why do you write like this? You don’t have any other ambitions...”???

The boy started crying...…Saying “It’s true; If I were a Mobile /TV, my parents could keep looking at me or will hold me  for whole day .As now am their kid, I couldn’t get any attention ,care ,love or concern. I need them .Wants to play, lay besides them, could hug…..and much more...That’s the reason …! Am I wrong Mam..?? Hearing this, the teacher hugged him and kissed on his forehead and decided to convey his feelings to parents…

Just one thing to say:”Parents….Love…Care and has to be concerned about your child…They are Gods Gifts……”

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