Saturday, January 23, 2016


Mrs. Jolly Johns, Irinjalakuda

The tourists, who reached india, were enjoying the natural beauty of ' Gods Own Country', Kerala. As they moved to a village, they noticed a temple which was under maintenance. One of the tourists was astonished by the sculptures and paintings in the temple. 

He moved on with his camera, picking out each and every painting into pictures. Suddenly his eyes stuck on an architect who was forming his new statue. The architect was deeply immersed in his work. Moving towards him, tourist noticed, another statue as same as the other, lying down nearest to the architect. In his curiosity, tourist asked: Why are you forming the same statue...Do you need both of them...??

Without facing towards the tourist, the architect replied; I made a mistake at the time of final touch. 'Hearing this, tourist eagerly started to find out the mistake. Finally he surrendered and asked:" I couldn't notice any kind of mistake. Can you trace it out?' There is a acratch on the sculpture's nose'; replied the architect.
Tourist noticed a slight scratch. On his wonder he asked; ' Where do you think to locate this statue...?' Pointing to a twenty feet high pillar, architect said; ' over there; on that pillar. ' Tourist was really surprised. 'On this height ....!! Who ever notice the scratch....? No chance....!' The very next moment he flushed out his comment.
The architect, who was well concentrated, stopped the work, turned towards the tourist and said with a smile ' ok... May be no one will trace it. But I knew it. Isn't it....!'
Dedication...., is not an external factor...Or can't be purchased.... it comes from us... deep from the heart... It doesn't depend on external conditions...Our duties should, not to be evaluated by others... or to receive their congrats..., but we should have the satisfaction- ' Job Satisfaction'... Then we could feel the joy, happiness in our mind, wich can increase our mental strength, make us comfortable....
Suppose, if we reach the peak of a mountain; don't think that ' I overcame the heights or defeated it' but ' I want to see the world from this height'....Couldn't you feel the difference...Be polite, honest, and hardworking and enjoy the satisfaction in our small lifetime......

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